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To create awareness and appreciation for the value of trees and encourage an understanding about the protection, management, and conservation of the renewable forest.

Oregon Women in Timber is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to forest resource education.  Founded in 1978, the organization has grown to over 200 members throughout the state.  Membership dues, donations and the annual fundraising auction support our forest education efforts, including Talk About Trees. Our mascot, Coni-Fir, attends parades, fairs, and classrooms to spread our message of the importance of managed forests.


Members of Oregon Women in Timber are individuals who share a deep commitment to this state’s beautiful and productive forests.  Many of our members work in forest related fields as biologists, forest managers, silvicultural foresters, mill managers, loggers and truck drivers to name a few.  Other members of this diverse organization are small woodland owners, small business owners, teachers, county commissioners, realtors, housewives and mothers  …  the list goes on. Members enjoy one or more of the many recreational activities that our forests provide such as hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting, rockhounding, snowmobiling and camping. Join Oregon Women in Timber.

A common purpose brings us all together:  To create awareness and appreciation for the value of trees, and encourage an understanding about the protection, management and conservation of the renewable forest.



  • Our Communities: Whether you live in the city or in rural Oregon, we understand the importance of a sense of community.  We value these towns and neighborhoods where we live and raise our families. 

  • Learning:  Educating ourselves and then teaching others about the importance of forest management and the value of trees in our daily lives. 

  • Friendship: Through our involvement, as we learn and work together, bonds of friendship is one of the many rewards of belonging to this organization.


2023-2024 State Officers

Past President: Melissa Fullerton

President: Kate McMichael
Vice President: Molly Johnson

Secretary: Morgan Kawakami
Treasurer: Diann Washburn

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