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Oregon Women in Timber Presents



Summer 2022 Edition:
Coni explores the world of fire! 

Our next edition will come out in winter.

(perfect for that holiday gift list!)

About Coni-Fir Connections:

Coni-Fir is passionate about forestry in our beautiful State of Oregon and she wants to share this passion with you! Coni wants us to take some time to disconnect from technology and spend some time connecting to nature. Our Oregon forests have so much we can learn from them, including history of our communities, diversity within our forests, and how forest products are converted into items you use every day. Coni also wants to remind you that our Oregon forests are a great place to have fun, get dirty, and enjoy life!

For Coni-Fir Connections, Coni will put together a package tied to the season and mail it to you! Coni-Fir Connections is a fun “gift” to personally receive in the mail and open to find a fun surprise. It contains educational materials for you to learn more about forests and forestry, in addition to activities within the newsletter and a hands on activity! Each kit will come with a coloring page to enter a coloring contest and resources for websites and books where you can find more information about the topic of the seasonal newsletter.

Get your seasonal Coni-Fir Connection Package!


Where can I order Coni-Fir Connections?

When available, you will be able to order Coni-Fir Connections from our Shop Page.

What age group is Coni-Fir Connections appropriate for?

Each newsletter and package is available for two age groups:

Questers – Ages 4 to 7 years old

Adventurers – Ages 8 to 12 years old

How frequently will Coni-Fir Connections be published?

We hope it will be published quarterly, tied to each season.

How much does Coni-Fir Connections cost?

Coni-Fir Connections currently costs $10. This helps cover the cost of purchasing any supplies, printing the newsletter, and shipping.


How do I provide feedback about Coni-Fir Connections?

Please email it to us at


Hear from our members and Coni-Fir herself in our YouTube video discussing our first ever Coni-Fir Connections package!

Free Coloring Sheets!

We are excited to provide free downloads of our Coni-Fir Connections coloring sheets from past coloring contests. These coloring contests have closed and entries are no longer available, we just wanted to make the coloring sheets available for fun! 

Click the image to download a PDF!

Con-Fir Connections Coloring Page - Dec 2020.png
Spring 2021 Coloring Sheet.png
Coloring Sheet.png
Blooms-Butterflies Coloring Sheet.png
2021 Fall.png
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