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Lane County OWIT Hosts Social Event

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Lane County OWIT Hosts Social Event

We had a great time at the Lane County social event on June 5th! It was held at the Oregon Wine Lab in Eugene. We had about 30 ladies attend to learn more about OWIT. Diann Washburn, statewide Treasurer, told us about the history of OWIT and Joan Mason Ruud, Talk About Trees State Director, spoke about TAT’s history. Lane County OWIT chair, Noelle Arena introduced the two and closed with Lane county’s goals for the future:

  1. Increase membership

  2. Encourage chapter development in other areas

  3. Maintain support for Talk About Trees

  4. Work with our partners for future forestry workers

  5. Support OWIT membership with professional training

  6. Increase legislative awareness at the local and federal level

Lane County OWIT was also at the Oregon Small Woodlands Association Annual Convention in Springfield on Friday, June 29th. A big thank you goes out to OSWA Executive Director, Jim James for giving OWIT an opportunity to attend. Several folks stopped by the OWIT booth to check out our information and signed up as new members!

We also had three members of the Lane County OWIT chapter help out Oregon Forests Forever with their booth at the Lane County Fair, July 18th to the 22nd. Thank you Amanda Astor, Becca Windle and Anna Yarbrough! 

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