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2015 OWIT Auction Results

We had a lot of amazing ladies helping this year! Thanks everyone for another awesome event!

Here are the results:

Direct Donations $12,730 Ticket & Table Sales $24,990 Partners in Education $7,600 Rifle Raffle $5,000 Live Auction $37,275 Silent Auction $15,424 Heads & Tails $2,220 Wine Wall $920

Initial Total $105,239 

This is an increase of almost $11,000 over last year!

The Browning Rifles & Case were won by Theresa Ray and the Partners in Education raffle was won by Paul & Robert Wampler.

I’m estimating that our ending number will be around $75,000 raised for Talk About Trees. It takes about a month for the dust to settle, so stay tuned for final numbers in the next newsletter, sometime in April.

Diann Washburn Auction Chair Oregon Women in Timber

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